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1520 Startup Program is the way to remind the new generations that CTT has always reinvented its business. It is in its DNA. CTT has earned the right to claim that it is the best partner for new businesses.

The main goal of the 1520 Startup Program is to support and accelerate business ideas / solutions aligned with the needs and strategic goals of CTT.

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We don't want to miss out on good ideas or solutions. The 1520 Startup Program works throughout the year, with no stops or set dates.

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Nowadays, CTT is a multiservice operator with a postal and financial mission. It is a worldwide reference - in terms of quality, efficiency and value creation -, and in the Iberian market as a leading operational and delivery platform and a comprehensive offer of financial services, strongly boosted by Banco CTT.

We offer the possibility to work in the different areas of the future, be it in joint explorations of new business opportunities, be it in an operational or commercial efficiency optimization perspective.

  • Communications

    CTT is an unparalleled and nationwide Communications Hub. Putting people and entities in communication with each other, physically or digitally (ex: viaCTT), it is in CTT’s DNA.

  • E-commerce

    E-commerce is growing exponentially in Portugal. CTT is at the forefront to capture this trend by developing projects and solutions. CTT's ambition is to provide solutions and services that highlight its reliability, simplicity, agility and convenience.

  • Logistics and operations

    CTT is the largest domestic logistics operator, with a network covering all the country and its streets, every day. The assets and resources involved (vehicles and people), together with environmental sustainability.

  • Fintech

    Banco CTT is the largest growing bank in Portugal and Payshop is the largest payment network - which represents strategic growth priorities for the CTT group. The preferences and needs of the targeting segments also represent an opportunity to design simpler, and yet secure solutions.

  • Advertising

    CTT has a wide portfolio of advertising solutions, including email marketing, sms marketing to advertising mail, covering all homes in the country through high value and return campaigns for advertisers. CTT is the company that best combines physical and digital communication and therefore has the right profile and potential to provide innovative solutions in advertising.

  • Retail

    Nowadays, CTT has the largest national retail network, with more than 600 Post-offices, 1.700 postal agencies and 4.000 Payshop agents, eager to test innovative solutions.

The 1520 Startup Program is structured around 5 phases. Teh steps to be taken by any startup are as follows.


Applications are always open.