I&S Platform – Ideia Simples. Ideia de Sucesso.

CTT joined Fundação Portugal Telecom to create the project “I&S – Ideia Simples. Ideia de Sucesso”, (I&S – A Simple Idea. A Successful Idea”) a platform that gathers all the required information to design and structure a business and to place it online.

With free access and available in a multiplatform  (PC, mobile and tablet), I&S aims to simplify the information regarding all the steps to create a business, and to list the principles and  practices to be taken into consideration by the entrepreneur  to develop a solid and low-cost business also enabling a sustainable growth.

The underlying idea of this platform is to turn a Simple Idea into a Successful Idea, facilitating the creation of micro, small or medium-sized enterprises supported by online marketing of the citizens’ skills and know-how.

This project aims to contribute to the creation of inclusive businesses that boost and improve the family economy, the national economy and the digital economy.

Read more: ideiasimples.sapo.pt.