Portugal: Peatlands habitats conservation

Peatlands habitats are dominated by mosses and some vascular plants, in soils with abundant water. In Portugal, these habitats occupy a very limited area in the higher mountains in the North and Centre of the country and are strongly affected by climate change. The project aims to restore and increase the distribution range of peatlands, in order to improve its resilience to climate change and maximize the benefits from the services that peatlands provide.

Peatland sites have a high value as open ground for biodiversity. In addition to the carbon offset, peatlands have an important role in water cycle and biodiversity. They function like simple reservoirs or aquifers, storing water during wet periods and releasing it slowly throughout drier periods.

It is estimated that the peatland project will offset more than 1.300 tons of CO2e.


País: Portugal

  • Area (km2): 92.212
  • Population (millions):10,3
  • Per capita GDP (US$): 22.398
  • Life expectancy at birth (years): 81,5
  • Child mortality rate under-5 (per 1000 live births): 3,2
  • Adult illiteracy rate (%): 5,0
  • Ecological footprint (ha per capita): 2,4
  • Greenhouse Gases Emissions (ton per capita) 4,9