CTT has been making significant investments by implementing management systems Certifications in different domains.

Such strategic investment aims to contribute significantly to the consistency and services quality, improving processes at different stages of the value chain, developing and promoting the worker’s participation and strengthening CTT Brand image through customer satisfaction improvement.

The success of the certification has created a strong internal motivation. The geographical dispersion of more than 1000 installations and about 12000 workers involved require big coordination’ effort.

Different approaches and timings were adopted in implementation of management systems across business areas and groups.

Follow the match between referential and business areas and certified companies.

(1) - Document Management (Mailmanager) in the Production Centers (Center and South
(2) - Lisboa
(3) - 254 Post offices
(4) - SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit). This certification is based on 4 Pillars: Human Resources, Environment, Health and Safety and Good Business Practices.
(5) - Mail Management and Distribution semi addressed, addressed and unaddressed as well as a range of goods and logistics services.
(6) - Includes the activities of Human Resources (RH), Physical Resources and Security (RS), Purchasing and Logistics (CL), Brand and Communication - Environmental Management (MC-STA), Information Systems (SI), Support to Occasional Customers, (AN-ACO), Contact Center Management (AN-GCC), Support to Contract Clients (AN-ACC) and Management Systems Management (AQ-CEE).