The following list includes references to research analysts from banks and financial institutions regularly publishing research on the shares of CTT – Correios de Portugal, S.A. (“CTT”). Hence, this consensus includes only analysts having published updates in the last 12 months. Due to its dynamic nature, it is not possible to ensure that this list is permanently complete and updated.

Hence, it is presented merely for information purposes and does not constitute an offer or solicitation to buy, keep or sell shares or any other financial instruments, nor does it represent an advice, recommendation or suggestion by CTT to invest in or disinvest from any financial instrument.

Updated: 03-12-2018

Institution Analyst Target price Recommendation  Date
Haitong Bank Nuno Estácio € 3.50 Neutral 03-12-2018
CaixaBank BPI Filipe Leite €4.50 Buy 27-11-2018
Barclays Mark McVicar € 3.00 Equal-weight 02-11-2018
Goldman Sachs Matija Gergolet € 3.60 Neutral 31-10-2018
BBVA Daniel Ortea Hernandez € 3.25 Market perform 09-10-2018
Santander João Safara Under review Under review 25-07-2018
Intermoney António Seladas € 3.90 Buy 25-07-2018
Jefferies David Kerstens € 3.00 Hold 02-07-2018
CaixaBI Artur Amaro € 3.10 Neutral 13-04-2018


This list was drafted on the basis of opinions on the performance of the CTT shares regularly delivered by research analysts of the institutions mentioned in the table above. Any opinions, estimates, assessments, forecasts or predictions made by said research analysts regarding CTT share performance within the securities market are of their sole and exclusive responsibility and do not represent opinions, estimates, assessments, forecasts or predictions of CTT or its management. CTT’s reference within this website to such information, assessments, conclusions or recommendations does not imply an endorsement of or agreement with such opinions.

CTT does not assume any responsibility whatsoever regarding the accuracy of the information in this list, nor regarding any use of this information, namely in the making of investment or disinvestment decisions. Thus being, CTT shall not have any liability whatsoever for damages or losses arising from the use of the information herein, nor does it undertake any obligation to update it.

The recommendations of a given institution are based on the estimates of the analysts who produced the reports and provided the information to CTT and must be viewed in their full context. In particular, consideration should be taken of (i) the full text of the research the recommendations are based on, (ii) the share price at the time of writing, and (iii) the full range of recommendations employed by that institution. The recipients of this information are invited and advised to obtain counselling from their financial intermediaries and the public information disclosed by CTT in and in, before making any investment decision regarding CTT shares or any other related financial instrument.