António Pedro Silva

Executive Director

Date of Birth
November 13th, 1966, Portugal
Date of 1st appointment
April 20th, 2017
Term of office
2017 / 2019


  • 2015 - 2016: Banco CTT Top Management Training Programme , Instituto Superior de Gestão Bancária and Associação Portuguesa de Bancos
  • 2014: Corporate Management Programme, AESE Business School
  • 1984: High School Degree, Amadora School

Management and supervisory functions held internally

  • 2018 - …: Member of the Board of Directors of Payshop (Portugal), S.A.
  • 2017 - …: Member of the Board of Directors and of the Executive Committee of CTT
  • 2017 - …: Member of the Board of Directors of CTT Expresso – Serviços Postais e Logística, S.A.
  • 2017 - …: Non-Executive Member of the Board of Directors of Banco CTT, S.A.

Other internal functions held


Professional experience

  • As an executive member on the Board of Directors of CTT he is responsible for the business area Retail & Postal Financial Services that comprises the Retail Marketing and Philately areas. He is also responsible for the areas of Retail Coordination South & North and Commercial Coordination Small Companies and for the areas Optimization & Support, Clients Support and Human Resources Administration.Presently he is responsible for CTT Retail Network, as well as for the areas of Philately, Payments, Human Resources Administration and Labour Legal.
  • With a 20-year professional career in commercial and retail banking at MillenniumBcp, he held several roles within the group in Portugal. He joined the Private and Business team of MillenniumBcp in 2000.
  • In 2004, he joined CTT as Senior Sales Manager at CTT, being responsible for the operational and sales on the South area at Retail Network. He successfully developed his career in CTT becoming the Head of the Retail Network in 2013, acquiring extensive experience in team and HR management and incentives, and sales and marketing of the various products placed through the Retail Network (from Mail and Express & Parcels to Financial Services, as well as services of general interest). In these 12-year period, he was engaged in several key initiatives and projects related to the optimization and rationalisation of the Retail Network and its portfolio, as well as leveraging on the proximity and capillarity associated to this network.
  • His track record at CTT contributed to make the Retail Network an increasingly important sales and service channel in CTT’s revenue growth in all business units and a national wide platform of convenience and multi-services. More recently, he had played an active role in the launching in 2016 of Banco CTT in CTT Retail Network, and his still a member of the Business Coordination Committee set up between CTT and Banco CTT (a key forum to discuss and agree on matters related to CTT/Banco CTT’s partnership related to the Retail Network Channel).

Management and supervisory functions held in other companies (last 5 years)


Other external functions held