CTT Brand

CTT has a history of nearly 500 years of dedication, commitment and professionalism, to bring the Portuguese and the world closer together. It have been, from its inception, an important partner for companies, creating innovative solutions that help promote businesses.

It is one of the most iconic brands in Portugal, with vast assets that have kept up with the run of time. Its mission is to remain a worldwide reference as a postal operator, oriented towards sustainable growth, centered on the ideals of excellence and closeness, and focused on innovation. Today, tomorrow and always.

Our great achievements come from the dedication, commitment and professionalism of every member of the CTT organization. This is what drives us: focus on our clients; the enthusiasm of going beyond, and reaching closer to each Portuguese; excellence in providing services that go beyond expectations; innovation that translates into creative ideas and solutions that help all us to reach new destinations; the confidence that only through a responsible and upstanding attitude are we able to earn the trust of clients and partners alike. All so that we may remain a trusted brand and a company based on solid values.

Being internationally recognized by the quality of service it provides and by its innovative character, CTT is a brand that garners the trust of the Portuguese people and has been distinguished with several awards, from which we would highlight Superbrands – Marca de Excelência 2018, and Marca de Confiança 2019.

It should be pointed out that, running paralel with the choice of Marca de Confiança, the profession of Mailman was once again voted as one of the 10 professions which are most trusted by the Portuguese.