ATM Payment

The payment of the tolls by ATM is only available for customers holding national car plates, with no device, and travelling on highways with electronic tolls. The amounts of the tolls are available within 48 hours after their use.

To pay tolls at an ATM please follow the instructions below:

  • Request an ATM reference online or by SMS (available soon). Please, indicate your tax identification number if you wish to include it in the invoice;
  • Select “Pagamentos” and then “Pagamento de Serviços”, at the ATM or through Homebanking;
  • Insert the following data:
    a. Entidade: 21154 (CTT Correios de Portugal SA);
    b. Referência: xxx xxx xxx (reference given by CTT to each car plate);
    c. Montante: xx,xx € (amount including the amount of tolls plus the administrative costs).
  • Receive a SMS confirming the payment and the number necessary to obtain the invoice.

Warning: To use this service, please read the Specific Conditions below.

Specific Conditions


  • Each car plate has a reference number given upon the first request of an ATM reference made online or by SMS;
  • Before the payment at an ATM or by Homebanking, the customer has to request the ATM reference online or by SMS and the total amount of the tolls to pay on that date.


  • The amount indicated corresponds to the total amount of the tolls to pay on the date of the request and for which no ATM reference has been requested previously, plus administrative costs;
  • To pay the tolls, the customer has to perform as many payments as references obtained online or by SMS, either at an ATM or by Homebanking;
  • The amount to enter in the field “Montante” has to correspond to the amount indicated in the ATM reference message.

Confirmation of payment

  • To get the confirmation of the payment, the customer has to comply with the period of validity indicated in the ATM reference message;
  • The customer receives a SMS at his/her mobile phone confirming the payment and a number to access to the invoice;
  • The SMS confirming the payment is sent within 48h maximum after the payment;
  • If the payment does not follow these instructions, the customer shall receive a SMS related to the reason that prevented the payment of the tolls. In this case, please contact the Customer helpline (Linha de Apoio a Cliente).

The request of an ATM reference does not prevent the payment on site at CTT Post Offices and Payshop agencies until the payment deadline.