PrePaid Via Verde

Prepaid payment system associated to an Electronic Device

Pre-payment titled system by which the owner of the vehicle charge a value for payment of tolls until the respective balance is exhausted.


For those customers that want to use the entire nationwide road network, without worrying about paying tolls. The payment of the value of the tolls is made by automatic debit, per trip, at the account till the limit of account balance. You may receive an SMS alert (only for Portuguese mobile), if the account balance reaches a value less € 10 for class 1, 2 and 5 and € 20 for class 3 and 4.
In case of cancellation of the payment account, the balance is returned to the holder.

You can still get the travel details at the Web (URL and after making your registration, enter the activation key and the device ID, before enter your data.


Scope of use

These devices are valid throughout the motorway network in Multi-Lane Free-Flow, i.e. motorways with only electronic toll collection, as well as across nationwide motorway network through the lanes of Via Verde.

Minimum Charges: Where to charge?

The minimum initial load is a necessary condition to finish the contract of any prepaid solution. Subsequent charges may be made in an CTT’s Post Office, PayShop’s Agent or ATM ("Pagamento de Serviços" - only valid MB card) using the reference set for charging at the time of adhesion. Note that the charge of the account on the ATM may take up to about 48 hours to take effect. The minimum amount for initial charge is € 10 for vehicles in Class 1, 2 and 5 and € 20 for vehicles in Class 3 and 4, being that subsequent charges will be in the minimum amount of 10 €.

Where to buy

This product is available in the entire network of CTT’s Post Offices.


€ 27,50 inclusive of VAT


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