Sustainability Principles

Thinking about the future of everyone, CTT is committed to be ever more involved with sustainability. Every day, CTT acts accordingly, by being innovative in its procedures, products, company technology and through initiatives that create value for the community. That is why we want to share our work with the Portuguese so that they all get know it.

As a pioneer company in the inclusion of electric vehicles in its fleet and in the continuous innovation of its products, CTT is more and more focused on environment preservation. In addition to this, CTT also recognizes social and economic sustainability as part of the company DNA.

  • CTT is a world-level pioneer in offering an eco-portfolio for the individual and corporate segment (Correio Verde and Direct Mail Eco).

  • Almost 1/4 of direct mail delivered in Portugal is DM Eco.

  • CTT operates the country’s largest alternative fleet – with 305 vehicles – corresponding to 10% of the vehicles total.

  • CTT owns more than 150 electric bicycles, customised and manufactured in Portugal for CTT.

  • CTT is the 1st world postal operator to test a 100% electric truck.

  • Implemented energetic efficiency programmes enabled to cut CTT energetic resources in 15% in the last five years (accumulated savings: €10 million).

  • We reduced our carbon footprint – today, CO2 emissions are more than 40% lower comparing to 2008.

  • All our larger operational units have certified environment management systems.

  • CTT responsible purchasing program enabled to achieve 99.5% of contracts with environmental clauses in 2014. 
  •  In 2014, CTT granted more than € 500,000 for sponsoring Social Responsibility actions.

  • CTT has a pool of more than 500 volunteer employees.

  • Environment awareness by means of our philatelic issues (3 million stamps regarding this subject in 2014 only).
  • CTT is a national leader in Sustainability within the Services area.

  • CTT is a 2015 Trusted Brand for the Environment of Reader’s Digest. 

  • CTT was shortlisted in 2012, 2013,2014 and 2015 for the main international environment award.

  • CTT achieved the third place in the main international rating regarding the cut of CO2 emissions within the postal and courier sector.