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With more than 3 thousand vehicles CTT operates one of the largest car fleets in the country, indispensable to daily deliver millions of letters and parcels. We are aware of the environmental impact and we do everything possible to reduce it. We renew the vehicles, optimize the delivery routes, train our drivers to drive safely and ecologically. We strongly commit to alternative motorized vehicles, which we have been expanding in a significant manner.

The Environment Policy is a benchmark for the Company’s activity as a whole. Through this policy, CTT undertakes the environmental issue as a part of its business strategy and practices.

CTT Group considers its sustainable procurement policy crucial to fulfil its commitment to sustainable development.

The integration of these goals in the products and services designed, purchased and traded by the Group allows it to reach the performance targets defined within its strategy of sustainable development.

Banco CTT was our major investment in 2016: we already opened 202 branches and have a simple but complete offer of financial products for individuals. We did this and maintained demanding quality standards: the overall quality of service index reached 126 points against the regulatory goal of 100 points and customer satisfaction remained at 86.1%.

We reviewed CTT’s sustainability strategy, substantiated by a stakeholder engagement exercise. We endorsed and transposed the UN Sustainable Development Goals into our management framework. And, as part of the review of the governance model, we created the Sustainability Committee, responsible for defining, monitoring and developing the CTT’s sustainability policy, chaired by myself, the remaining Executive Directors and a few key Directors.

On matters of diversity, the weight of women in the Board of Directors rose to 25%. We renewed CTT’s adherence to the Companies for Equality Forum (IGEN), undertaking commitments on issues of equality, non-discrimination, parenthood and others, and received the “Promotion of Health and Well-Being” and “Gender Equality” awards from Human Resources.

We supported social and environmental initiatives to the value of 1.2 million euros and mobilised over 160 volunteers and family members in environmental and social voluntary work actions. Among the solidarity assistance programs, we highlight the Fight Against Poverty Project.

To combat climate change, we launched, in partnership with Quercus, the 3rd edition of the “A Tree for the Forest” project benefiting from an unusually high communication impact, reaching almost 2 million people, and being distinguished at the “Green Project Awards” and “CSR Coups de Coeur” by PostEurop.

The ecological portfolio (green mail and eco direct mail), continued to gain momentum, having as a whole increased the mail volume by 2.4% and the revenue by 3.9%. The weight of ecological purchases from total supplies reached 99.4%. For the third consecutive year we were nominated “Environmentally Trusted Brand”, by the Reader’s Digest Selections.

CTT has recorded the highest reduction of emissions of the postal sector at a worldwide level, -70% in scopes 1 and 2 (2015, baseline 2008) and once again improved its positioning in the EMMS carbon proficiency rating of IPC, achieving the third place among the 20 main international operators. In the CDP stock exchange rating, CTT has reached worldwide co-leadership of its sector.

We embarked on the path towards Sustainability over ten yearsago. A permanent challenge directed at the community, the planet, the market and the increased value of the company. Work to be continued.

Extract from the Chairman and CEO Statement – Sustainability Report 2016
Francisco de Lacerda
April 6, 2017