CTT Recruitment

Far beyond the mail universe, CTT is an all-encompassing and highly competitive company operating in a wide range of business areas. Our ability to adapt and change is our distinctive feature and enables CTT to achieve sound results year after year. One company, many destinations.

Trainee Programme
  • Big Company

    We are one of the largest Portuguese companies with about 12000 employees. We are reference leaders within the areas we operate, with high levels of efficiency, profitability and creation of value for the customers. We are present in international markets.

  • Soundness and Trust

    We are one of the PSI20 companies, with sound financial results and distinguished by the Portuguese as a Trust Brand year after year.

  • Transformation

    The privatisation was a big step for CTT and it is extended to the innovation and adaption of our business model. We are now in the process of launching the CTT Bank and we are already looking ahead to the next challenges. Our employees play an important role in this transformation process and contribute to its success.

  • Strong impact on the Customer

    Our work has strong impact on the life of CTT customers. Thus, the main focus of our employees is on achieving customer-tailored excellence ensuring that CTT is a privileged partner in the success and efficiency of their businesses.

  • Wide Value Chain

    CTT has a diversified portfolio and operates in different business areas offering its employees numerous opportunities to learn and for professional development.

Online Application (PT)

If you are interested to work for CTT, fill in the  Online Application form and e-mail it. 

Come to meet CTT

Postmen Jobs (PT)

If you:

  • are 18 years old or more;

  • have completed the 9th year of school;

  • have a driving licence (light vehicles and/or motorcycles);

  • have good personal relation and team working skills;

  • have good communication skills;

and want to work with a solid and dynamic team, apply for a  Postman job or download the Application form.

  • Driving us forward with your involvement

    Together we are one. We want your potential to be added to ours and it will be as part of a team that you will grow and develop your skills. For CTT it is important that everyone feels involved in our mission and values. We count on your commitment to achieve our goals.

  • Driving us forward with your vision

    Writing the future. CTT is almost 500 years old and our eyes are set on the future. What drives us are people, innovation, disruptive ways to stay present in the lives of our clients, of making their wishes take form and earning their trust. We want the new generation to help us achieve this vision.

  • Driving us with your energy

    Ideas in movement. Being young means questioning the status quo, being driven by the will to innovate. That’s what we are counting on with the CTT Trainee Program. We want to take in the energy, the vitality, the restlessness of the younger generation, so we may continue to question ourselves on the “why” and the “how” of each process. We want to be powered by ideas.

  • Driving us with your talent

    Be a reference. CTT always wants the best and it is not easy to have the opportunity to integrate the CTT Trainee Program. We receive thousands of candidates and just over ten get to take part in it. If you think you have what it takes to be a reference, submit your candidacy and show us what you’ve got.

  • Driving us with your ambition

    Growing with CTT. Working for one the largest Portuguese companies is not an end onto itself. In order to continue to grow, we want to attract young men and women with drive and energy, with the audacity of ambition. The CTT Trainee Program is designed for those who like to learn and take chances, for those who want to grow at the same rhythm as us.

  • Driving us with your imagination

    Making a difference. We are a different company from the one we were 40 years ago. In different contexts, we innovate, act and adapt to the needs of our Clients. Doing things better often means doing things differently. Our orientation to our Clients is based on the capacity to reinvent ourselves and to customize our products. Therefore, we want to be where we’ve always been: ahead of the change, leading innovation, as a trusted partner for people and companies alike, always with their needs as our priority.

CTT Trainee Programme

We have a programme tailored to you! With a duration of 18 months and experience in 3 different areas of CTT, the programme offers you the opportunity to know the company as a whole, while counting on with the constant company of a Tutor and a Mentor.

Besides your daily activities, we also have many other actions waiting for you, from training, to volunteering, projects and challenges to be set up regularly.

  • Duration
    18 months
  • Rotation
    3 Rotation areas (the last one is the integration area)
  • Assessment
    Every 6 months
  • Tutor / Mentor
    274 training hours (Academy/Culture/Business and Procedures).

Conditions to Access the Programme

  • Average grade of at least 14/20
  • Age up to 25 years;
  • Master degree in Engineering, Management and Information Technology (IT) concluded for less than 2 years;
  • Work experience less than 2 years.

Recruitment phases