• Big Company

    We are one of the largest Portuguese companies with about 12000 employees. We are reference leaders within the areas we operate, with high levels of efficiency, profitability and creation of value for the customers. We are present in international markets.

  • Soundness and Trust

    We are one of the PSI20 companies, with sound financial results and distinguished by the Portuguese as a Trust Brand year after year.

  • Transformation

    The privatisation was a big step for CTT and it is extended to the innovation and adaption of our business model. We are now in the process of launching the CTT Bank and we are already looking ahead to the next challenges. Our employees play an important role in this transformation process and contribute to its success.

  • Strong impact on the Customer

    Our work has strong impact on the life of CTT customers. Thus, the main focus of our employees is on achieving customer-tailored excellence ensuring that CTT is a privileged partner in the success and efficiency of their businesses.

  • Wide Value Chain

    CTT has a diversified portfolio and operates in different business areas offering its employees numerous opportunities to learn and for professional development.