New version of the CTT App with 3 additional options available. Download now! You have sent an order and would like to know if it already been delivery? Want to know if you have toll debts and how to pay them? need to forword your mail to another address? Would you like to customize stamps and postcards? And buing tickets with all the convenience?

Download the new version and access several CTT Services!

The application Features:

Postal Codes

  •  Validate addresses and postal codes. 


  • Locate your orders and correspondence in real time and request a SIGA service from an unsuccessful delivery.

CTT Points

  • Discover CTT Shops and Stations closer to you an know what services are available.

SIGA Request

  • Forward your mail to another address or CTT Point.


  • Check your toll debts and apply for multibank references for payment.


  • Create the stamps to personalize your shipments.


  • Upload photos and creat custom postcards.


  •  Get to know the event offerings and buy tickets for shows with all the convenience

Download here the CTT App: